10 Easy Tips to Make DIY Vintage Décor

  • Turn an old ladder into an adorable shelf


Knick knacks, books and old clocks or phones will turn an old forgotten ladder into a beautiful shelf.

  • Make an old barrel into a bar table


This one is so easy that it requires almost no explanation; barrels can be purchased from antique shops or wineries.

  • Create your own “antiques”


You can add a distressed look to almost any piece of furniture or accessory using various techniques. This web site gives amazing instructions along with video demonstrations for how to DIY.

  • Repurpose old packing crates


You can turn an old crate into any number of useful items. This website has tons of inspirational ideas behind repurposing old crates and making them into fabulous accessories to your home.

  • Use mason jars in unconventional ways


Mason jars are pretty much the go-to option for adding a touch of DIY and vintage to any space. Paint the lids or even the glass itself, wrap them in lace, affix creative holders onto them, or stick candles or flowers in them.

  • Lace, lace and more lace


Lace is the answer to giving anything a vintage look, and it never has to be complicated. Doylies are the simplest and cheapest way to lace up home décor. Stick some in an old frame (or distress the frame yourself) for a lightning fast piece of artwork to hang on your wall.

  • Craft your own dreamcatcher


Get a basic dreamcatcher (or make your own) and add pearls, feathers, fake flowers or anything else you want to get a totally unique and vintage decoration.

  • Decorate with pieces of old music or newspaper


Simply print up any music or newspaper articles from the internet (French newspapers for a classic boho look), dye them with tea, and glue them into boxes or onto anything you want.

  • Create your own candles or candle holders


Pour wax into anything (teacups are an adorable option) to make a candle out of it. If you don’t want to make your own candle, just throw some burlap or twice around existing candles and stick a felt shape or fake flower on it.



  • Get some old books


This option requires almost no work save going to an old book store. Old, beautiful books can be found for almost no money if you know where to look. Pick up a few and make an instant display out of them, and combine them with other old items for a finished look.